The Bookassette

The Bookassette…

The Bookassette is an idea that came from wanting to make special gifts for people, something that was for the most part entirely handmade and involved music. I have always enjoyed the process of recording a mix-tape for either other people or for my own enjoyment. For myself it would be to compile all of my favourite music at that time onto one tape to play on my Walkman and for others to introduce them to artists from my music collection that I felt they would particularly like. But as time passed it wasn’t enough just to make a tape, I wanted there to be something else. So, the idea was born that I would try and disguise the tape as a book. Hollowing out the inside of a book, concealed inside is the mix-tape nestled within the hollow. The track listing would be included as an elaborate card.  Also inside is a matchbox that has a small quote inside, written on a scroll of paper with an ancient typewriter, stuck onto two matches and placed into the box for the recipient to unroll. The quote would be from a book that I had read that I felt would resonate with them.



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