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Here’s the butterfly I designed for the immensely talented 2econd Class Citizen and his new album “The Small Minority” it’s a very accomplished release that I’ve been enjoying since he enlisted my help with the artwork. You can get a very limited edition of a poster that coincided with the release of the album here and copies of the album direct from Equinox Records here and even listen to the thing here. Plus, another outrageously talented man Buddy Peace has done a remix of the track “Liberated Lady” from the album (my personal favourite) that you can download¬†and dance around or nod your head approvingly to or do what I do whenever I hear something new that Buddy has done which is just go “Oh Buddy, yes!” And as a little aside from all this Small Minority babble, Buddy Peace has just released a banging album with B. Dolan called “House of Bees Vol. 2” that you can get from Strange Famous Records here. Don’t question it, just get it.