Family Albums

Turn your favourite family memories into a work of art…

Bespoke, Hand Bound Family Albums. This is a rewarding experience for those who wish to have their favourite photographs and trinkets made into a work of art to keep for generations. The process involves you sending me copies of a selection of your favourite photographs, including dates, names and places that are involved as well as information and stories that resulted in the photographs being taken. Be it a holiday, birthday, wedding, anniversary or just general family fun I can make your photographs tell the story of your experiences that can be treasured. The result is an entirely unique and handmade tome. Even making separate volumes for each generation, the books can be as long or short as you like but all will be entirely different.

Examples of the work I have done can be found here. One book being excerpts of my personal Family Album, different family members having their own page including their birthdates and names as well as images all assembled into a collage that has the feeling of the person. Using found images and colours that I feel show something of the nature of the person, this process can be applied to anyone or any experience to invoke the memory in a visually beautiful item.

The other example shown here is a book I made for Mother’s Day, each page representing a stage in my mother’s life that, using the same process, I created a feeling on each page that was entirely different from the preceding and succeeding pages. This was to demonstrate how a person grows and changes throughout their life. The book was not made chronologically but can be if you so desire. This is a perfect example of how the books can be made into a sublime and exclusive gift for family or friends.

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